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How is the construction of the gabine network carried out?

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How is the construction of the gabine network carried out?

How is the construction of the gabine network carried out?

The first step is to assemble and lay a combination cage.

1. The distance between the mesh net and the net body of the combination cage is 90°, and then the lashing process is performed to assemble and bind the cage.

2. When the cages are assembled, the combined wire for lashing, screw fixation, and horizontal tension must be the same material as the mesh.

3. When the cages are assembled, it is necessary for the combined wires to be tied together in a twin-stranded line, and it is necessary to convolute and tighten the spiral combined wires.

4. It is necessary to install the finished cages in sequence according to the orientation of the plan.

5. In the exposed position of the cage, it is necessary to set the horizontal tension wire, the horizontal and vertical distance is 25cm-35cm, and the mesh of the 8-shaped inward facing image is connected and tightened, and the reinforcement is added at each layer. After the completion of stone building set.

In the second step, the net is filled with material.

1. The timing of cage packing is necessary to feed material inwards, evenly and in batches, inwardly of each network. It is forbidden to fill a single cage at one time.

2. When artificial fillers are used for construction, the thickness of each batch of feed must be controlled to be less than 35cm.

3. During the construction of the mechanized filler material, the wording should be controlled evenly in the 1m high cage.

4. In the future, each batch of material is filled with small stones to fill the pores and ensure the uniformity of the stones to ensure the compactness of the structured packing material.

5. The amount of filling material inward of the net is more than 1.7 tons/mm3.

The third step, cage cover construction

1. It is necessary to pave the top filler material before capping.

2. The cover clips should be used to fasten the frame lines of the adjacent unit groups before binding them.

3. The cover sheet and the top border line of the cage need to adopt the spiral combination wire binding.

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