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Where are the advantages of Gabin?

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Good quality Steel Grating for sales
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Where are the advantages of Gabin?

Where are the advantages of Gabin?

Where are the advantages of Gabin?


Gruben Mesh is a high-strength, low-carbon, high-strength, galvanized steel wire or aluminum-zinc alloy steel wire (or homo-plastic coated steel wire) that is woven into a twisted, hexagonal mesh, and assembled according to engineering design requirements. An engineering technology that forms a honeycomb cage and incorporates a filler such as stone. This honeycomb structure best conforms to the principle of mechanics. It is a massive block structure of the same nature and has the ability to withstand tension. Absorbs unknown pressure. The technology of Gabin Net can better realize the organic combination of the engineering structure and the ecological environment, protect the riverbed, control landslides, prevent and control debris flow disasters, and prevent rockfall from taking into account the environmental protection of the preferred structural form.

(1) Economy: Simply seal the stone in the cage.

(2) Construction is simple and no special technology is required.

(3) Strong ability to resist natural damage, corrosion resistance and adverse weather effects.

(4) can withstand a wide range of deformation, but still does not collapse.

(5) The mud between the cracks in the cages is conducive to plant growth and can be integrated with the surrounding natural environment.

(6) Good permeability to prevent damage caused by hydrostatic forces.

(7) Save on transportation costs. It can be folded for transportation and assembled on the construction site.

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