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Application Of Steel Grating For Trench Covers


• Country: Poland.

• Products: galvanized steel grating.

• Quantity: 4900 m2.

Our customer is an engineer in Poland. He wanted to purchase the suitable products as trench covers in his project. After browsing the Internet, he was interested in the steel grating. But he didn't know if the products was suitable for him and what the specs he needed. He sent the E-mail to us and wanted us to solve his problem and gave the best answer.


About the products

In our customer's E-mail, he just mentioned that he wanted to purchase the steel grating, but he didn't told us the detailed products he wanted. Then we recommended the common and popular types of steel grating suitable for the trench cover. And we told our customer, the steel grating is the ideal choice for the trench cover as the durable life and anti-slip surface. Then the customer chose the welded steel grating with serrated surface. And then we confirmed the detailed specs:

• Material: low carbon steel bars.

• Surface treatment: hot dipped galvanized.

• Flat carrier size: 60 mm × 5 mm.

• Cross bar size: 6 mm.

• Mesh size: 41,7 mm × 76.2 mm.

• Panel size: 6100 mm × 1000 mm.


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