Stair Tread Grating

Stair Tread Grating

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Material: Q235 or Stainless Steel
Bearing bar style: Plain, Serrated, I type
Surface treatment: G- Hot galvanized
P- Painted
U- Untreated
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Xinboyuan brand stair tread can be manufactured by various models of steel grid.Tread, also called stair tread, steel ladder tread, and kick pedal, is a kind of stair foot board for platform stair made by steel grating manufacturing technology.

Specification selection of stair tread:
Stair tread is made of steel grating into different sizes to match stair. Considering the economy and safety factor, we recommended the following size: T325/30/100 (suitable for stair pedal with width of 215-305mm), T255/30/100 (suitable for stair pedal with width of 215-305mm)

Category of Treads:
It can be divided into welding fixing and screw fixing according to mounting method.
1. Welding fixed tread is by welding tread onto frame, it is comparatively economic and durable, but not easy to disassemble.
2. Screw fixed tread is tread that has sideboard added on both sides. The sideboard can be drilled and fixed directly with screws, which makes the tread recyclable. Customers can order according to actual requirement.

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The factory of our company has high ability to manufacture galvanized steel grating in large quantity. We can ensure the quality at a competitive price,and we can manufacturer all kinds of galvanized steel grating.

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