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Trench Cover

Trench Cover Grating

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Material: Q235 or Stainless Steel
Bearing bar style: Plain, Serrated, I type
Surface treatment: G- Hot galvanized
P- Painted
U- Untreated
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Category of Drain Covers
We can provide customers with the following types of drain cover for different occasions:
1. GT drain cover (common drain cover)

It is usually used as drain cover on the two sides of roadway, and is divided into lateral drain cover and traverse drain cover. If load flat steel is perpendicular to the direction of traffic, it is lateral drain cover. If load flat steel is parallel with the direction of traffic, it is traverse drain cover. GT drain cover is simple and elegant in structure, and is easy to install. The model notation of common drain cover can be based on the model of steel grating product.

2. GU drain cover

The model notation of GU drain cover
GU: Drain cover for U-type drain
300: Horizontal clearance of drain (mm)
35: Height of cover (mm)
It is suitable for most common concrete drains without edge. It is very easy and practical to use U-type drain cover, no special requirements on the edge of drain.
If the load is T6-14, it is advised that angle steel be buried in the edge of drain, and to use precast U-type drain block to build the drain to prevent sewage sinking into the earth. When it will be run over by vehicle, this U-type drain cover is only suitable for lateral drain.

3. GM drain cover

The model notation of GM drain cover:
GM: Drain cover for M-type well
35: Well size 300mm*500mm
40: Height of cover 40mm
This product is suitable for water supply and drainage well including gully trap, dust well, and sewage well, air passage, and manhole of municipal facilities such as road, park, etc. It is usually designed to be turnable and the turnable opening angle is 110°. Drain cover with hinge can prevent theft and simplify the process. Besides, we can provide drain cover of different models and specifications according to customer demands.

Features of drain cover:
1. Fine appearance: simple lines and silver appearance make it feel modern and fashionable.
2. Best drainage: the water leakage area is 83.3%, which is more than 2 times of casting.
3. Hot zinc dipping: good antirust performance, free of maintenance and replacement.
4. Anti-theft design: As the cover is connected with the frame with hinge, it is anti-theft, safe and easy to open.
5. Cost saving: When there is large span and heavy load, the cost is lower than casting, and the cost caused by stealing or replacement of damage will be saved.
6. High strength: It has higher strength and tenacity than casting, and can be used in environment of large span and heavy load, such as harbor, airport, etc.
7. Various specifications: It can meet requirement of different environment, load, span, dimension and shape.
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