Serrated Steel Grating

Serrated style Steel Grating

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Product name:Serrated style Steel Grating
2. Environment friendly
3. Long using time up to 15 years
4. Galvanized steel grating resistances up to 9 grade
5. Fast constructiontime saving and labor saving
6. Good appearance
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1. Beraing bar pitch 30mm Cross bar pitch 76mm
The grating with the pitch of 30mm between bearing bars and of 76mm between cross bars is the most popular type used home and abroadIt is proper for many applications such as walkwaysplatformsetc
2. Beraing bar pitch 60mm Cross bar pitch 50mm (specially for mining industry)
The grating with the pitch of 60mm between bearing bars and of 50mm between cross bars is developed specially for mining industry It solves the problem of mineral splash on the plate.So it is ofter appointed to use in processing worksof mining industry
Special size can be done according yours request

Type Welded steel grating pressure-locked socket-welding
Steel flat size 20×325×325×530×330×430×532×332×5……45×5mm
Beraing bar pitch 12.515202530354050 mm
Cross bar pitch 385076100 mm
material Low carbon steel stainless steel aluminium
Surface treatment Untreated hot galvanized painted
Standards China: YB/T 4001.1-2007
UK: BS4592-1987
Australia: AS 1657-1985
Advantage of Steel Bar Grating
Allows the passage of light
Allows air circulation
Prevents blockages or accumulation of trash, dust or liquid
Provides lightness and high load resistance
Due to the increasing friction that provides to the shoe sole, increases safety in working areas

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Steel grating

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