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HESCO Barrier

Hesco Barrier

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Name: HESCO barrier
Material: welded gabion+no weaven geotextile+spiral
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1. Material: galvanized welded mesh
2. Wire diameter: 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm
3. Mesh size: 2''x2'' 3''x3'' 4''x4''
4. Panel size: 2.21mx2.13m 1.37mx1.06m 0.61mx0.61m according to customers' need.
5. Geotextile: in heavy duty non-woven polypropylene
6. Finish: electro galvanizedhot-dipped galvanized
7. Packing: wrapped with shrink film or packed in pallet.
8. Features:easy to handle and install High tensile and anti-impact capability long life.
9. Direction for use:
Assembling the Hesco bastion entails unfolding it and fills it with sand dirt or gravel. The main advantage of Hesco barriersis the quick and easy setup strongly contributing to their popularity with troops and flood fighters. Previously people had to fill sandbags a slow undertaking with one worker filling about 20 sandbags per hour. Workers who use Hesco barriers and loader can do ten times than the work of those using sandbags
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