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Steel Grating Walkways

Our customer is a tea picking trader in Kenya, she wanted to purchase the steel grating for her tea garden as the walkway. She wanted the steel grating to be durable and used for a long life, she hoped us to recommended the suitable material of the steel grating. She had some specifications for our reference.


our customer told us that she wanted the high quality products with long service life. And the common material of the steel grating is low carbon steel and then hot dipped galvanized. The hot dipped galvanized surface treatment is corrosion and rust resistance. Additional, the steel grating has chemical stability, which can bear the salty and rainy weathers. The hot dipped galvanized surface treatment is good enough to satisfy the customers’ requirement. So we recommended our customer to choose the hot dipped galvanized steel grating. Our customer said that was great, she accepted our advise

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