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Triangle Bend Fence


1. Material:Low Carbon Steel Wire, Galvanized Wire

Triangle bend fence are durable, it has beautiful shape, various colors, not only have the effect of defending, but also beautifying.Because of some unique advantages, Triangle bend fence becomes a popular product in many developed countries, including the USA, Japan, South Korea and in large cities of China .It is suitable for any hypsography and convenient in installation.

2. Surface treatment: galvanized, powder coated, PVC coated (usually

galvanized before coating).

3. Surface color: yellow, red, green, white etc.

4. Processing: weaving and welding

5. Application:

Triangle bend fence is widely used in express highway, railway, factory,

garden, parks, schools and other flower beds,sports stadiums etc. It not only protects the safety of vehicles and

pedestrian, but also beautifies the space environment.

6. Specification:

Panel common specification:


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