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Quality Inspection

Company set up a special quality testing laboratory, which have many domestic and foreign advanced testing machines, include one ten thousandth of the weighing machine, salt spray testing machine, tensile testing machine, zinc layer measuring device, aluminum layer content measuring device measured thickness gauge, vernier caliper, micrometer, pressure measuring instrument, coil number measuring instrument, wind speed tester, electronic balance, inside micrometer coating test thickness gauge, the dolomite and other advanced measurement tools. test items can reach the national standard, American Standard and standard in Europe.


Our company is strict with product quality requirements, producing according to the standard requirements of the drawings and contract and meeting the national standard for testing and company's quality manual for the guidelines, to achieve raw material sampling rate of 30% above. When produce, sub batch detection, production monitoring frequency at least four times a day. Do each inspection in strict place, such as the detection of substandard products immediately sealed, rearrange the production until the qualified, to prevent unqualified products shipped.


We are the manufacturer and exporter of wire mesh products.

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